Energy Change

I am, at this moment into Day 8 of creating a “complaint free world.” I am learning that it is becoming easier and easier not to complain. I struggled the first few days, but I quickly made the choice to succeed at this. The most difficult time has been the time in my head. Thoughts come up that I would normally linger in. I am learning to take those thoughts and realize I have a choice to reframe them instantaneously. If I had to say what the biggest thing I have learned about this challenge, it is that I am at choice. Of course, I always knew this, but now I am definitely seeing and feeling it in a very concrete way.

I am just completely my reading of the book Becoming Supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispenza. At the end of the book, he tells us that it is not enough to just feel at peace during a meditation. Once we leave the meditation and then go about our business, we have to also carry those feelings with us as we approach everything in our day. If we want to have change in our life, we have to change our energy. This takes practice and I am finding that the “no complaining” challenge is doing a great deal in assisting me in changing my energy in simple yet huge ways.

Some of us say, we do not want to try this or that it is too much trouble. I say, aren’t you worth it? Aren’t you worth the time and effort to bring yourself  peace of mind that can actually begin to affect your life concretely? Some people say they do not have the time to meditate, I say aren’t you worth it? Aren’t you worth the effort and nurturing that will assist you in having a more peaceful and loving life?

We’ve spent a lot of time on this planet living in survival mode, automatic reactionary mode and fight or flight mode. These are antiquated states of being that are keeping our planet and its people repeating the same mistakes over and over. Someone has to go first, and it is not easy to be that person. However, the more of us that do, the easier the change will be. We will reach the tipping point. As we change our energy and the way we approach our lives and those in it, our Mother Earth will heal also. We will all heal at the same time. Dr. Joe likens it to those flocks of birds that you see in the sky all moving in a synchronized way, turning and flying as one.

A new dawn is here and we have the opportunity to choose to live in that new dawn as something totally new or to stay stuck and stagnant. I think if we knew how we are each individually responsible for each other and the bringing of the new dawn, we might think differently. We are one.

Eons of programming has created what we are seeing in our world now, but we have the opportunity to break the cycle once and for all. I don’t mind being one of those who go first even though I might fall. I’ll get right back up and try again because I think I’m worth it…WE ARE WORTH IT.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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