Tell Someone…

I captured this photo of Pooh and Piglet on Facebook with the title, “Tell someone if you are not feeling okay.” This is just what I am thinking about today and I invite everyone to take this wise advice. “Tell someone if you are not feeling okay.”

There is no shame in feeling sad or sick. Sometimes in our philosophy, we get the reputation for being so positive that we do not want people to express their feelings, or that it is a shameful thing to be sick. Please, this is not the teaching of the Science of Mind and Spirit. Just the opposite, this philosophy values our feelings. It is only in identifying what we are feeling that we can we open the door to healing.

Healing is another word for Love. Healing occurs when we accept everything about ourselves as part of our journey. Everything is an opportunity, a doorway into our True Selves. If we deny our feelings we are cutting off a message that is trying to get through. Our emotions are a barometer to our inner states of being. We heal by identifying our emotions, finding the belief behind them and then bringing forth a new idea.

When we are in a low spot, it just means that something is coming up to be known. Finding the right person, someone we can trust – a practitioner or therapist or good friend to talk to is a good thing, not something that makes us less than.

Sometimes, we have people tell us they haven’t come to our Center because they’ve been depressed and didnt’ want to bring us down. Nothing can bring down Love, and Love brings everything up in Its consciousness. True empathy is being able to sit in the dark with someone as light without forcing them to feel what they are not feeling.

So, I invite you to find the right person, the one you can trust, and tell them when you are not feeling okay. We will find the answer to whatever it is, and a shift will occur. We’ll take as long as it takes to find that answer, and we will hold consciousness for you while you cannot. A good friend or practitioner leads us back to ourselves and uncovers the true essence of who we are. You are not alone

Love and Aloha,

Rv. Rita

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