It’s Time for Courage

Let us not lose hope and let us not lose faith. The whole world is tossing and turning right now. There is a shift happening. A Holy Shift! That’s right. It takes courage to live right now, and since we are here, we must be the best ones available to assist in the shift.

I can read about past history. I can learn about solar flares and all the scientific proof available that tells us that we are at a pivotal point as a species. We get to recreate ourselves now. The only thing that is mandatory is that we let go of the way we used to do things. Competition, wielding of personal power, decisions made from ego, separation from each other, anger, violence, struggle are no longer viable solutions. Trying to fix the physical from the physical has proven a failure in the past. How can we expect it to work now? It is time to put new ways into practice.

It is time to truly get involved. It is time to speak our truth, our real truth. It is time to go within and make sure we are acting from love and not ego. It is time to let go of fear and begin affirming that we are finding solutions. It is time to take care of our own houses.  It is time to support our planet with positive words and actions. It is time to trust that what we do to ourselves we do to others, and what we do to others we do to ourselves. We cannot make one decision that won’t affect the whole.

It is a time for complete faith in the unknown. It is a time for complete trust in love. It is a time to heal every wound within ourselves. It is a time to think beyond ourselves into the global heart with a perception of wholeness. It is a time to do the simple things, from picking up a piece of trash to smiling at a stranger with the intent of healing. Nothing is too little for the good of the whole. We might never do a big thing, but in small things we can see the beginnings of big things.

And what about fixing politicians and hating them and spewing anger? Liken it to putting grease on a fire. Instead, we can do our own work and then state and live our truth and demand what is right and just. We must vote now more than ever.

I am a metaphysician and I work in the unseen. It’s a very real place. It is the world of form in liquid motion. It changes as I change. It affects form. I do not know how to fix things from the outside. I only know that when I go within and begin to view things differently, pull up all my love and then walk forth into the material world, I am most powerful. Experience changes. It is time to trust the unseen as the starting point for change.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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