It Takes Courage to Start Over

Well, I’m back on Day 1 of my “complaint free world challenge.” Yes, I didn’t think it was possible to start over, but yesterday, I chose to. I totally fell off the upward spiral in a single moment. I do not need to go into the details, because I’d have to complain in order to do so. Let it suffice that I lost control of myself for a moment and plummeted myself into the world of judgment and anger. I remind myself that we are told even Jesus himself tipped the tables in the temple.

Today, when I woke up, I felt the leftovers in my heart. I felt like somehow I had failed. It didn’t feel good, and I knew that I needed to wake up to a new idea and do it now. There is nothing worse than being unforgiving of yourself for not living up to your own standards.  So, today, I start over.

I treated upon waking for the ability to let go and allow myself to start over. I treated to leave the past where it was – nowhere, and begin right now in this moment. I am worth it.

We all have this opportunity in every moment. We have the opportunity to forgive ourselves and move on. In my case, it was all in my head. I didn’t need to apologize to anyone. They were just thoughts and I needed to remind myself that a thought can be changed. I am new now.

So, I feel a sense of freedom in this moment. It is a great gift to know that we are not stuck in karma, and that forgiveness erases all karma. Right now, and in every moment we get to start new.

If you are feeling anything like this at any time, I invite you to remember we can have a brand new day in every moment.

By the way, Day 1 of “No Complaining” is actually a very powerful day for me. It means that I get to learn even more about myself and become even stronger in the Principle.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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