Are You Certain?

There is so much uncertainty in life and at the same time there is certainty. How do we balance the two? As I sit here today, I set the premise that this day is unfolding perfectly for me. Of this, I am certain. Other than the things I know I have to do today, I do not know what the day will bring. That is the uncertain part,  However, because I have declared that my day is unfolding perfectly, I know that all the uncertainty is caught within that premise.

Before, we give our Celebration Service on Sundays, we always do a pre-service Spiritual Mind Treatment together as a team of leaders. We state: This service is unfolding perfectly. We state all the perfections that will occur, including the right people showing up and hearing what they need to hear. That is the certain part. However, whatever happens after that, whether it is a microphone that goes out or a person who is irate about something or a person whose life is shifted in enormous ways, it is all part of that already established premise – the certain part.

I think that sometimes in this philosophy of the Science of Mind and Spirit, we think we can control everyone and everything in our lives. That is not true.

We have dominion of our minds and how we think about our life. We have dominion of our thoughts and beliefs. We have dominion over our own reactions to occurences in the world. We have dominion over how we project our intentions out into the world. We have dominion of our actions. This can all be certainty.

However, we do not have dominion over others, their actions, their thoughts and their reactions. That is the uncertain part. I am grateful for this because it would be a heavy burden thinking I was responsible for the world and everyone’s reaction to everything I do and say.

I am only responsible for how I think about the world, its people and its destiny. The other day, someone asked me if I thought we would make it. In other words, were we going to destroy ourselves, she said, once again. (She was referring to Atlantis.)

I don’t know the answer to this question. What I do know is that I have the ability to think of a better outcome. to know that whatever the outcome, it is for our highest good. I am certain that our spiritual evolution is unfolding perfectly, that none of us are lost, that all is exactly as it should be. I am certain of healing; however, it shows up. I am certain that, for me, a new dawn is breaking and I am excited about all the prospects for growth and expansion. I feel safe amidst it all and know I can never be threatened. Why? Because when I remember who I am, an eternal being, an expression of God, what would I fear.

So, yes, life is both uncertain and certain. We have the opportunity to balance both these ideas and live full, happy, expansive life journeys. Will there be trials? Perhaps and perhaps not. What there will be are always opportunities to deepen our consciousness and connection to the whole – to each other and the one Presence that moves through everything. There cannot be anything more CERTAIN than that.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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