Changing Lives One at a Time

Last night we had one of our bi-monthly meditations at the Center. There was low attendance. There was a time when I would have dwelled on this and wondered what I was doing wrong or I would have pointed outward, wondering why others didn’t feel the need to take time for themselves.

This happened briefly last night, but I quickly shifted. I remembered a friend of mine who worked with me in the Prison system in California. Very few of the 4000 inmates would show up for our monthly labyrinth walks and meditations. She would say, “Rita, the miracle is in the room.” I got it, and although I sometimes fall back, her words always bring me back to Principle. The miracle is in the room.

When we touch one life, millions of other lives are touched. When one person feels a little better about themselves, the ripple effect goes out into the collective.

How do I know this? Well, it a simple Principle. We are one. We live in one Universal Mind/Heart, and each of us takes from it what we wish. It’s all here for us. What we do as one, we do as all of us.  Some day, maybe today, we will realize this and the whole world will begin to heal.  When we begin to truly know that what we do to others, we do to ourselves, there could never be a war or a person could never go hungry. The oceans would respond to us and we to them. We are one.

Yes, whether one person comes to a meditation or one hundred, something happens when we give ourselves in love. We are changing lives one life at a time, beginning with the one life – ours.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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