Unlimited Life

If we look in the Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes, on the very first page we will find this: “We see abundance in the Universe. We cannot count the grains of sand on a single beach. The earth contains untold riches, and the very air is vibrant with power. Why then is man, weak, poor and afraid?” He then goes on to answer it by saying, “The Divine Plan is one of Freedom, bondage is not God ordained.”

I am so struck by this passage today, because of late, I have encountered many people and experiences of limitation. I have witnessed many of us giving into what we see as the reality of our lives, instead of what we can truly embrace. I have seen many of us stuck in a conditional world with what think is no means of escape. It is a lie.

I am and really have always been excited about life. I’ve always wanted to experience more. I’ve always wanted to create something new. I’ve always been excited about people, places and new experiences. The times that I have felt stuck have been the times, I refused to change or move through an experience into the new. I’ve thought I had no choice. I didn’t realize how free I really was and have always been. I allowed myself to be sucked into mental limitation.

I remember a fellow practitioner who was experiencing trouble, who used ot say, “I’m that powerful! I created that! Now I can create something different.” Actually, we do not create anything. We only make new choices that take us into new experiences. Freedom is our gift and Law in our servant. Love is our essence and it has no limits, only those we choose to put on it.

We cannot control others and make them do our bidding. We cannot make them love us or think the way we think. It is not our job to bring ourselves down to the level of limitation in order to make anyone feel better. We are responsible for ourselves and for living the best life we can. Through living at our highest and best, we can influence others by our example. We can sit in the dark with our light. We can point the way.

I invite us all to open the windows and let the light pour out. We have enough of it and more to share. If in doubt, witness the abundance of the Universe. Try counting the grains of sand on a single beach. See the untold riches of Nature and breathe in the very air that is vibrant with power. It’s all here. We do not have to get anything. i invite us all to let Life live through us in unlimited possibility, unpredicted by the past or what we think is the limited stamp of the future. There is no prognosis besides the cap we put on our experience. Live! Live! Live!

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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