Finding the Balance

I love my life as a minister. Today, we had the opportunity to connect with another minister couple and talk about church ministry and finding the balance. It was a great conversation and it got me thinking about the energy it takes to lead a Center. The idea of energy and balance is true for all of us, ministers or not.

Many times we hear the words, “I’m tired” from ourselves or from others. Where does energy come from and can it be depleted or increased?  I remember a spiritual teacher once telling me that we get tired because we are in resistance? We are holding something back or resisting what is. We exhaust ourselves instead of living in the flow of life and the present moment. We become unbalanced.

Energy is. We cannot exhaust energy. It never dies and it can never stop flowing through us and around us. Energy is our very essence. I know that when I get tired, it is not because my energy is tired or that I need to replenish my energy. It is because I’ve not allowed my chance to renew my mind. I’ve been thinking too much. I’ve been working on the material plane too steadily and I just need to relax my mind and center. My body is working for me not against me. It needs time to tune in within the quiet and remember its true essence – Spirit. I needs to let go of the material stimuli that comes from living in a material world. Sleep is for that and we all need it. We need to relax and reconnect without the distractions of earthly things. Sleep is a healing time, a rejuvenation, a mental reconnection.

I’ve found lately that I have to consciously take those times. My life-style is very high energy and if I do not take care of myself, I can feel like I am tired. I have to remind myself what that really means. I just need inner time to remember. The more I can surrender to the idea that my life is one of balance between work and rest, the stronger and more healthy I feel. Not because I have more energy but because my energy is in balance and alignment.

I’m always working on this balance and growing and expanding in the ability to find it. I trust we are all doing the same to take care of ourselves. It is part of the flow of giving and receiving.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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