I’m Not Here to Convince Anyone

I just watched a short interview with Dr. Joe Dispenza from last spirng’s Agape Revelation. It’s on my Facebook page if you care to listen to it. I received many gems from the short 9 minute interview, but the biggest one was when the interviewer asked him what he did when someone, in the middle of crisis, didn’t believe in the possibility he was presenting for healing. His quick reply was “I’m not here to convince anyone…”. How true this is for those of us who know our own truth. We are not here to convince anyone of our truth.

What I have found in my short 7 years of ministry is that I can still sometimes fall into the trap of trying to convince someone of my truth. They might come to me with a problem and I offer assistance. They are not ready or they are not willing to let go of what they’ve held on to for so long. Then, if I am not careful, I can go into the realm of trying to convince them. As Dr. Joe stated, from his experience, when people are ready for what he has to offer, they will present themselves. We each find our own way to our own truth.

The teaching of the New Thought and the idea that we are responsible for our lives and that we can heal and prosper and expand is not for everyone. And, yes, it does take work. It takes work when we are not feeling well, it takes work when we are bankrupt to still believe and continue to know there are answers for us even though they are not showing up right now. It takes work – inner work.

If I look back into the history of new Thought healers through the centuries and even in the present with people like Dr. Joe and Gregg Braden, there is a common thread. They all came to their realizations at times when they were suffering and needed healing. I can even say that for myself. I came to this teaching wounded and in pain. However, through it all, those who succeed never give up. They do not give into outside forces. They persevere in spite of appearances. They prove that “thought force is greater than material resistance.”

Healing is a journey. It is a process because right now we believe in process. That’s okay. Perhaps some day, it will be different. However, right now what I know is that I am willing to persevere, to keep going within, to believe something different from what I’ve been taught, to go beyond appearances. I believe in expansion and that expansion happens within each soul in his own way and in his own time.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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