I Have Faith that I Do Know

We do know what we need to know in any given moment. However, if we keep telling ourselves that we do not know, then there is our demonstration.

What do you need to know right now? All answers lie within. However, sometimes, we are talking so loudly in our heads, we don’t hear or we hear and do not listen. We have another idea, based in the world of conditions and cannot let go for one moment to allow another idea to come forward. There is an answer to every question we have about ourselves and our experiences.

We live in an Infinite Mind, where all wisdom and knowing is contained. Our individuality is our use of that one Mind. We are privy to all knowledge and wisdom. How much we allow is up to us. We are free to choose.

There is no perfect answer to everything for everyone. We each have our own answers to our own questions. Have you ever taken a poll? I do not do this anymore. I do not want to know what someone else thinks I should do. I make my own decisions. Even if I ask for advice, I know that the end decision is mine to make.

This is all on my mind today because of a mediation I just had. I had some questions about some eternal truths. Suddenly, the voice within said softly, you already know. Start telling yourself that you know. Then, the answers will come forward.

Our word has power. The way we speak to ourselves does make a difference. We direct the Law of our being in every moment with the emotions we feel behind our words. Sometimes it is hard to say things to ourselves that might not seem true in the moment, but that’s when we have to have the most faith. If we want change, we must believe it has already happened in the invisible before we see it in the visible.

Ernest Holmes wrote, “In order to have faith, we must have a conviction that all is well. In order to keep faith, we must allow nothing to enter our thought which will weaken this conviction…All sciences are built upon faith principles. All principles are invisible, and all laws accepted on faith.”

We do know. We do have answers. We can experience the life we believe in when we accompany that belief with faith, trust and acceptance.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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