Is New Thought Thinking Risky Business?

If you think being a New Thought thinker is risky business, that we are actually doing something different and innovative, you are wrong. What I’ve come to understand is that I am really behind the times. The New Thought way of thinking has been in existence for thousand and thousand of years.

When I say New Thought thinker I am talking about the understanding that I am whole, complete and perfect and that I am a natural healer. I understand that it is done unto me as I believe. I understand that everything begins in the mental field. I understand by thinking anew I can change my life experience.

So is it risky business to be a New Thought thinker now in 2018? Yes, it seems so. It seems I am in a minority population. For some reason, the material world has won out. We’ve believed that we accomplish things through going to the outside and trying to fix them there. We believe that force, manipulation, power over another, control and the fight is the way we win. We believe that outside forces control us.

To be a New Thought thinker is risky business to some. We are not afraid to stand and say, I am responsible for my experience. I can change my experience by changing my mind in any moment. Being a New Thought thinker takes having an audacious vision.

For the past two weeks, I’ve had a rough time of it. I’ve allowed myself to get swallowed up in the conditions around me and specifically in the biggest trap a minister can fall into – the I have to convince you trap. I was pretty tired and I didn’t really realize how low my immune system was. I was too busy in everyone else’s business.

On Wednesday, I walked into a store and someone greeted me, telling me how they just felt awful. They went on to describe their condition in explicit detail. I found my empathy card coming to the surface. I could actually feel it. I really connected with this person. Then, when I walked into the store another person gave me their story of illness. I knew what had happened and for some reason I couldn’t shake it.

The very next morning, I was coming down with a cold. My weak immune system and my empathy came together in the perfect demonstration – a cold.  I rarely get sick and I knew that I was singing on Sunday. I also had a healing circle to facilitate that night. How amazing was that. I would be facilitating a healing circle after going to the store to get an aspirin. And so, I did. I didn’t resist this cold. I didn’t do anything besides begin to love myself and nurture myself. I began to tell myself that my immune system was getting stronger and stronger and I decided to only do those things that would build it back up.

The day after the healing circle what seemed like a cold was gone. I’d long ago given up the race conscious belief that colds last from 7 to 10 days. I obviously didn’t fall into the race belief that it takes 2 to 3 days in incubation to demonstrate a cold.

So what point am I making? This is just a small example of right thinking. Right thinking is a risk because it isn’t what we are used to. We are used to laying down and giving into our bodies. We are used to taking any pain we have and making it worse by focusing on it and thinking the worst about it.

We are natural healers.  I watched a film of a Tibetan medince-less hospital where they removed a tumor from a woman just by praying over her with feeling as if it were already done. That’s risky business for us maybe, but not for them. That’s normal for them. This is only one of many stories of many healers past and present. We are natural healers.

It takes a moment to change our thought about something, whether it be our political climate, our finances, our bodies, our relationships. However, we can be New Thought thinkers. We do not have to give in to doom, gloom, illness or any condition in the relative world. We can have a new vision and live it.

As a healer in the Science of Mind and Spirit, I am here to prove that Thought force is greater than material resistance. Obviously, this is old thought and I am a young student, but I do not mind that. I have an audacious vision that we will come to live the life of natural healing in all areas of our life. I am willing to learn, to grow and expand, to persevere, to be flexible.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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