Order Up

There is a quote from the story of Auntie Mame that goes something like this, “Life is a banquet and the poor suckers are starving to death.” It reminds me of the story of the woman who traveled the ocean to come to the new country and the whole time was eating sparingly the bread she had brought with her. At the end of the trip, she found out that she had a full fare that provided meals. It was all there for her, but she didn’t know it.

Have you ever prayed for something in your life, then have it appear and then doubt its appearance for some reason even though everything pointed to it being the answer to your prayer? The truth is that when we make our demand on the Universe it does meet our demand. I’ve proven this numerous times over and over, and yet, still sometimes I am surprised when something spectacular shows up.

Recently someone made a donation to CSL Kaua’i. They told us it was for a certain amount and then when it showed up it was double that amount. Interestingly to prove my point, we immediately went to the idea that it must have been some kind of mistake. It wasn’t a mistake it was an answer to a prayer claiming prosperity for our Center. We can never name how our good comes to us. It comes in mysterious and amazing ways.

If we were at a restaurant and we ordered a meal, we more than likely wouldn’t be surprised when the meal we ordered was delivered to our table. We would expect it. If I had a message today it would be an invitation to make our demands upon the Universal flow within us and EXPECT it to show up a hundred fold. I would invite us to begin to EXPECT our prayers to be answered in even greater ways every day. I would invite us to remember that Life is a Banquet and to really enjoy it.

We live in the material world, but the material is spiritual and we live as limitless spiritual beings that are always creating something. We cannot help it; it is our very nature. Once we realize this and understand that it is our acceptance of the Good that increases its flow in our lives, we would always order up and the universe would respond in like manner. Life is a banquet. Let us order up and enjoy it. It is the natural way of being.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

2 thoughts on “Order Up

  1. Thank you, Rev Rita, for the perfect message for today. Jerry had a Pet Scan yesterday to determine whether cancer had been removed from his throat. Today I know that the answer is already there. Love and blessings, Suzanne and Jerry

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