Do You Want to Live Forever?

At this moment, I am getting ready to go to a conference given by Gregg Braden, author and pioneer in bridging spirituality and science. Partnering with him is the author of the Biology of Belief and the Honeymoon Effect – Dr. Bruce Lipton. In preparation I am reading Gregg’s book “Human by Design.”

I am fascinated by the concepts and research in the book about immortality and aging. You’ll have to read the book if you want to know more, because I’m not going into details here. I have a question, though, that I will be pondering; and invite you to entertain it. As Gregg puts it:

“Are we really ready for immortality and what it means in our lives. Are we emotionally prepared to live extended lives where we outlive everything that’s familiar and everyone we love?”

Science is asking this question because based on research and documented history of real life-spans lasting over 200 years, it is now a real possibility for all of us. I know it might sound very science-fictionesque, but, truth is stranger than fiction. If for this moment, we were to accept this as a real possibility for ourselves, how do we feel?

I’ve heard of people coming back from death’s door only to realize that they had no reason to stay really. Quickly after, they passed anyway. Why would we want to live here in this existence indefinitely? Why do we seek immorality? What would we do with it if we were suddenly blessed with it. I know in a sense, we feel deeply that the Spirit never dies, and we pass from here to another existence, but what about just staying here on earth.

I think by answering this question, it would assist us in focusing our lives now. Are we fulfilled? Do we have purpose? What do we enjoy about life? What is our place here? Why do we love our lives and living? Also, the answers to these questions will allow us to extend our lives should we wish to. According to the strong research of centuries, people who lived longer than usual lives were happy, filled with love, purpose-filled, etc.

For myself, I’m more interested in the now moment and making sure I am present and living my life fully. Am I fully in my power and being my true self or am I held back by beliefs in lack and limitation? Am I loving? Am I fully giving of myself and also willing to receive?  Am I procrastinating the things I say I want to accomplish because of beliefs in time, space and not enough of it? Am I living a life of an unfolding, expressed being or am I here just to get?

Why would I be so interested in living for 200 years if I am not living fully now? Now is the time and all my answers are here. Living a long fruitful and happy life has nothing to do with the years I live. It is about the quality of those years. Yes it’s about health; but it is more than that even. Health, amounts of years and a happy life are all effects of my consciousness. My consciousness will determine everything about how I live, how long I live and where I choose to live – here or hereafter.

I believe life is one continuous stream of consciousness. Ernest Holmes, Founder of the Science of Mind once stated, We are not going to be immortal at some future date. We are immortal now. This makes great sense to me. Where I am is not as important as how I am.  Living forever is a given. I do not understand all of it, but I do feel deeply that living forever is a given. Right now, I choose to work on living fully right where I am, wherever that is. Perhaps, according to science, that will extend my life here; however, it will definitely make my time here really amazing.

I invite you to ponder these questions and see where they take you should you choose.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita


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