Please Don’t Blame God

As we encounter much turmoil in the world and a clash of ideas, we wonder if we will be saved. Some people call out to God for help. Some people blame God for our troubles. Some people wonder how God could let such awful things happen. We are very confused by this idea of God. Why does God help some people and other people seem to suffer so much?

I am blessed to have come to understand a philosophy, a spirituality that gives me the answers to these questions in the best way that I know of in this moment. “God is not a person. God is a Presence personified through each of us,” wrote Science of Mind Founder Ernest Holmes. “Spirituality is not a thing; it is the atmosphere of God’s Presence, goodness, truth and beauty.”

Are we walking in the atmosphere of God’s Presence? Are we personifying God at our highest and best? There is a Force of Energy which moves through us that responds to us and our feelings and thoughts. We are using it to create the atmosphere we walk in and the way we experience life.

God didn’t do anything to us. We are the ones who are using this energy Force, impressing it and directing it with our thoughts and feelings. We either use it consciously or unconsciously. We either use it constructively or destructively. The good news is that we cannot use it destructively for long before we will destroy ourselves. The even better news is that we can change the way we use it in an instant and thus change our experiences.

It might not be easy to accept that we are responsible for our lives. And, please do not confuse this with thinking we are responsible for the whole world. We are responsible and have dominion over our lives. The better lives we live, the better the world benefits.

I have a spiritual tool I use that helps me to direct my mind so I can use this Energy Force to the best and highest. It is called Spiritual Mind Treatment. Because I use it consistently, I can readily feel “the conviction that God is all there is” and as my conviction has grown, the work is done “more easily and with a greater degree of acceptance.” When this truth grows in our consciousness, we begin to see the world in a different way. We are able to speak our word about ourselves and others when they ask us and direct that Energy Force I spoke of.  “Love leads the way and the Law makes our way possible.”

I am grateful for Spiritual Mind Treatment. I am grateful to know that God is a presence that is personified through each of us. I am grateful to have the opportunity to learn and grow in the art of Spiritual Mind Treatment. I am grateful to know that as I gain strength in my spiritual conviction, I am a greater asset to the world and its people.

I invite us all to explore our spiritual gifts and tools that work for us and to put them to good use. The world needs more people convicted in Love, who walk without fear and doubt.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita


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