Love by Design

Last night, we had a deep and wonderful Science of Mind Foundations class. The theme of the class was about getting into the flow of life by allowing ourselves to express and unfold as our highest selves. Walking through life without the stress and strain of thinking we have to get something and merely knowing that we are here to express our true selves takes away any thought of failure or desperation. We unfold gracefully instead of straining  to reach to the outside.

One of the students expressed it well when she said, “I think I am only here to express love.” What a graceful way to live. Perhaps it doesn’t seem possible to some of us because so much of life’s “realities” get in the way; but, really, what is the alternative?

Getting into the flow of life doesn’t mean we do nothing but drift along; it means that we are so intuned with our intuition that we are like the river that flows gently around and over and through its obstacles. We know who we are, and we bring that true self to everything. We become like Nature that lives in union with the Divine Presence.  We understand the flow of life and are content wherever we are. We trust the flow, the changes, knowing we are the ones at the helm of a ship, navigating with a ever-present Power that makes all things possible.

Yes, we are love by design and we have a creative force right here that brings what we focus on into manifestation with ease and with grace if we allow it and accept it. As Dr. Holmes wrote, “It is the nature of the Universe to give us what we are able to take. It cannot give us more. It has given all, we have not yet accepted the greater gift.”  And, “Love points the way and Law makes the way possible.”

We are Love by Design, a design that is created in the image of Divine Intelligence. We are the “ocean in a drop.” We are Life. Our only responsibility is to express it and allow it to unfold in magnificent ways, ways that are ours and ours alone.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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