We are Born to Heal

As many of you know I am in the High Desert of New Mexico at a retreat with Gregg Braden and Bruce Lipton. Yesterday was filled with information and testimony of the Truth I already know and also new and empowering information. I was introduced to brain/heart coherence meditation technique. Sitting in a room with 250 people all centered in their heart  for a meditation was something totally new for me. I am so grateful to be open and willing to expand and learn and experience.

One of the things that is coming across loud and clear, especially from Bruce Lipton was the possibility for spontaneous healing as part of our experience. What also comes across strongly is the misinterpretation of disease as an enemy. Disease is our friend. Pain is our friend. Both because they let us know that something is out of alignment. If we are willing to listen to our bodies instead of covering their signals up immediately with pain relievers, etc. We might get an important message that heals.

Taking this idea into other areas of late, I can see that in our avoidance of pain and suffering,  we bring even more of it on. If we could just take a moment to understand that pain and suffering is an effect of a cause that needs to be addressed and healed, we would find our own unique path to healing.

Avoidance, denial and spiritually by-passing our suffering is like ignoring a friend that holds out their arms and says, I love you and want to help. Whatever is ailing us, I invite us to first acknowledge it. The second step would be allowing it to speak to us and really listen. The next step would be to follow our intuition and inner guidance about how to respond.

If something is here in front of us, it is ours to deal with. We have everything required within us, including a natural pharmacy to assist us in our healing. The medical doctors that have spoken at this retreat let us know that the true healer is the Spirit/God/Source within us. It is us. They can assist, but we are the ones that were born to heal.

In the Science of Mind and Spirit, we use the term “Perfect God. Perfect Man/Woman. Perfect Being.” Dr. Holmes wrote that these three statements could bring on a spontaneous healing if believed. It is all about belief, whether you are receiving western medical attention, eastern or nothing at all.

What do you believe about yourself and your capacity for wholeness? What is your dis-ease/pain telling you? Are you willing to listen? Are you willing to love yourself beyond and within it all and know that God/Spirit, the healer is right where you are. There is nothing to be healed; only the Truth to be recognized. I already knew this, but it was great to hear it again from different minds.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita



One thought on “We are Born to Heal

  1. Dearest Rita …. i love this post and it arrived in my inbox this morning in absolute perfect timing. It was just what I needed to hear so thank you so much for sharing this. The retreat you are at sounds amazing! Enjoy and God Bless. Dawn


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