Walk Forward and Don’t Look Back

Remember the story in the Bible when the city was in destruction, and they were admonished not to look back as they fled? The persons who looked back turned to stone. Think of the metaphor here. It really applies to what is going on now. Living in the past freezes our movement and ability to live in this new world. “We are not in Kansas anymore, Toto!”

If I’ve learned anything during this retreat here in New Mexico, it is that I have all the tools to walk through this world of chaos, bringing coherence forth. We all do, should we choose. However, if we keep walking backwards and wanting things to be the “way they were,” we will never make it. In fact, we will be destroyed.

Change is here. We cannot deny it. Our earth is changing and on the brink of destruction. Our political system is in upheaval. Violence is right up in our face and hitting closer and closer to each of us. There isn’t one of us in my life that isn’t touched in some way by it all.

We have a choice. We can give up and feel helpless to change the outside world or we can go within and change ourselves. I choose the latter because I know that it is mandatory to adapt by changing my perspective about what is happening.

Some of us say they do not want prayers, but I know that prayer changes everything. Some say do not send me love, but love is the very essence of who I am, who you are. It is the Power that changes everything.

How can I help anyone if I am not strong? How can I help the fallen, if I fall, too. No matter where we are – smack in the middle of the fires of California or one of the many shootings, or in the middle of the most peaceful place on earth, we can help by being our true selves. We are all connected in the unseen. Science calls it entanglement. And, we  have power, because we have the choice of perspective. We can look at all of this as a disaster, or we can begin to walk through it knowing that a new world is here and the old must fall away in order to bring the new world in now.

I am here to assist. I will give whatever I can to help in the world of form. I am not here to change anyone. I am only here to be me – the true Rita, powerful and loving and filled with intuition. I know we are all connected in the one Mind, the one field; and I know that as I change my perspective, live in love, think differently, and walk without fear that I shift everything. We all have this capability.

There was a statement made by President Roosevelt when the world was on the brink of disaster. It was this: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Why is this true? Think about it, and you will have your own answer.

I cry. I feel pain. I am sad but I know that in all of it I am strong in Truth. I love you, California. I love you world. I am grateful to be alive during this exciting time. I have faith that we can be strong right now. We have all the tools to walk through this. We are the ones or we wouldn’t be here. I invite us to walk forward and do not look back and love, love, love.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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