Do What You Love

There used to be a saying that went like this “Do what you love and the money will follow.” I think it was the name of a book. We were all reading it in the 70’s and 80’s because many of us were caught in the trap of “Make sure you can make money by what you do and study in college, and save the rest for hobbies and retirement.”

I believe what we ended up with was a lot of people who are sad in their jobs, depressed and wondering if this is all there is. I recently heard someone say they were going to steer their child away from ballet for fear they would fall into the trap that many in that art fall into: obsessive body image, depression, anorexia, etc.  I believe there is more to depression and anorexia then being a ballet dancer.

I remember listening to Deepak Chopra telling us about how he dealt with his kids and their dreams and aspirations. He actually encouraged them to do what they loved and told them he’d support them if they didn’t make it. What he knew is if they truly were committed to doing what they love and felt free enough to explore their true selves, they couldn’t fail.

If there is anything I’ve learned it is this. In the end, what you resist is what persists. Your true self will always come back to you to be fulfilled. You’ll either keep ignoring it or you will embrace it. ignoring it brings depression and those things that occur when we suppress our feelings and emotions. Embracing it with a healthy state of mind, spiritual consciousness, and those who support our dreams bring success.

I believe that many of the issues we are dealing with right now come from the suppressing of our true selves, our passions, our creativity and most of all our disconnection and separation from Spirit. Call it God. Call it Spirit. Call it the Field. Call it Allah. Call it anything you want. It really doesn’t matter what we call it. It is the Creative Self. The Heart Self. The Love Identity that we are that longs to be expressed in our own unique way. Suppress it and it will find a way out. As Marianne Williamson put it, “It’s either love or a call for love.”

If I was bringing up children right now, I would encourage them to follow their passions. I would invite them to turn away from doing something because they thought it would give them security in an unforeseen future and instead support them in finding the reason they are here on this planet.

We live in an unlimited Universe that says yes to our emotions and feelings. It’s where everything flows into manifestation and it has no limit. Let’s make this world great again by peopling it with authentic beings that are giving their unique gifts.  If we are one of those who thinks they lost their chance, that is a lie. It is never too late to express your true self.

For myself, everything I did in this life brought me to where I am now. I didn’t truly come into manifestation until I turned 60. It is never too late. As long as we are here, there is something true and authentic for us to do. Our time is always NOW.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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