Let Love Rain, Reign, Rein!

While I was doing a heart/brain coherence meditation this morning, the phrase “Let Love Rain, Reign, Rein” came to me. How perfect this feels for this time period. It would be good to take this phrase into my life.

First,“Let love rain!” Let everything I do, think and feel pour love into the world. If I am teaching, if I am cooking, if I am having a conversation, let it rain love.

Then, “Let love reign!” Well, let me create a world within myself that is reigned by love. That would mean self-love. Let all my cells feel that reign of love. Let my thoughts feel they are reigned by love. Let my life and all my choices be reigned by love.

And, finally, “Let Love Rein.” A rein is something we use to direct or pull in one direction or another. It is usually associated with an animal. What if we could rein our thoughts. Yes, we can rein our thoughts, actually direct them.

So many times, we feel out of control. We feel that the world and its events rein and reign us and rain on our lives. When we feel this, we have the choice, not to change what the world is doing, but to take care of our inner world. When we do, our perceptions change. Our lives take us down different and more meaningful paths. We find the strength that we might have thought we lost to the outside. We begin to have hope and understand that we are powerful. We cease giving away our power to others, their ideas and their fears. We have something more powerful to contribute that is uniquely ours.

We have dominion, not over others, but over ourselves and how we react to everything. I invite us to take these three powerful words and apply them to our minds. How are we raining, reigning and using our rein in regards to our approach to life?

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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