We Have It All

I am still integrating what I gathered during the recent conference/retreat with Gregg Braden and Bruce Lipton. If I had to sum it up in one sentence, I would say that “We have it All.” We have everything it takes to evolve at this precarious and exciting time. I know that we wouldn’t be here if we were not the ones to do it either.

However, it’s not what we think. It’s not about going out and changing everything and everyone. It’s about changing ourselves and our perception of everything and everyone. It is about finding the good and the blessing in everything. It’s about adaptation from a new consciousness. This should not be confused with stifling our feelings and not taking action when called to do so. But, it is about starting with the way we think about everything. It is about “feeling” the outcome that we want.

If we want peace we must feel peace now in the midst of chaos and confusion. If we want more love and compassion it must start with us. Of course, this is nothing new to those of us who practice New Thought. We know the power of feelings in the prayers and treatments we give. We must feel the outcome.

The other thing I am embodying is the knowing that we have everything we could possibly require to walk through this crazy time. Yes, we are at a time of chaos and clashing of old and new ways, but we have everything we could require to walk through the change. As Dr. Lipton put it, “We are on the brink of the 6th mass extinction.” Civilizations, people, countries, planets are built and they fall. We are at that point now. If we want to ignore it or point outward to blame others, that is an option, but it will not allow us to go through the change into the new world, the new way of being.

And, I have gained a whole new respect for my physical body. I understand it in a way that I never have before. I understand my inner pharmacy that is a planet of its own of which I have dominion over. Again, it’s all about my mind, feelings and most simply put my consciousness.

We can make all the excuses we want. We can blame the environment, the pollution the bad foods, and yes, they do matter; but there is a place where it all starts and if we do not get our consciousness in order, it won’t’ matter what we put in our bodies or how we treat our dis-eases on the physical level.

Yes, if I got anything out of this beautiful time in New Mexico, it is that I am responsible for my life. This is not a point of blame or shame; in fact, it is the opposite. It is about love, forgiveness, and thinking new right now from right where I am. We have it all, and now all we have to do is begin to use it.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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