I Let the Old Fall Off

Ancestry and lineage is being talked about among many. Things like Ancestry.com and other genealogy research forums are being pursued by many in my circle of awareness. I just purchased a DNA package myself. I think the information we gather by finding out where we come from, biologically speaking, is just that information. I plan, if time allows, to find out a little more about my heritage.

However, it also gives us deeper genealogy, and that is the geneology of our beliefs. This is the way I intend to use this information. I do understand that although I am a product of DNA, my true DNA is deeper and more profound. I am not my heritage or the beliefs of my parents. I am Divine, and I believe it is important to differentiate this.

I am not my genes. I am not the life of my parents and grandparents. I am not their struggles and their beliefs. What I am is new right now with the capacity to create a new life unrestrained by what I was taught and what I was told to believe. I am new.

Why is this important to me? Although I am grateful for my heritage and all the people who came before me, I think sometimes it is easy to fall into the patterns of the things we were taught and the programming that was instilled within us from the time we were in our mother’s womb until 7 years old. It’s in us and it’s real. It is affecting us. It’s working through us in our subconscious. However, by knowing that I am really Divine and at choice, I have the opportunity to re-program myself.

However, I cannot do it without an enormous amount of love, gratitude, forgiveness and release of the old. I am grateful for everything that emotionally, physically and mentally brought me here. I am now ready to let it all just fall away. If there is anything I need to keep, I’ll know by the way it makes me feel. Does it make me more loving? Does it make me feel more compassion and appreciation? Doe is give me the feeling that I am unlimited? Does it move me forward?

Today, I let the old fall off and I understand on a deeper level who my true parents are. I am a product of God Stuff. I bless my parents and ancestors and realize that they are God Stuff, too. We all came together purposefully to get to know ourselves better and to move through the lessons we have taught each other, which have always been for our evolution and forward movement. I am conscious of this and choose my path as my path now. I let the old fall off!

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

One thought on “I Let the Old Fall Off

  1. Thank you. When I hear you say we honor the old training that brought us here, even as we release what no longer serves us, I feel myself vibrating in harmony with this understanding.




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