Free to Live the Life You are Born to Live

There comes a time in our lives when have to make a choice as to whether or not we are willing to put down all our resistance, fear, doubts and anything standing in our way and live the life we were born to live. I don’t know why we resist it, or why we fail to see that it is here within us and that we have all the tools to make it so.

We live life in fragments of our selves and ignore the essence, the pearl, the core that is us. I don’t know why and really I don’t care. All the stories and excuses I might make up must fall away.  It’s time. I speak for myself and if I am touching of you, so be it. It’s not about the doing of things. It is about the being of who we are.

We must put down our swords. I do not mean physical ones. I’m talking about the swords that we use on ourselves to justify why we are not good enough or powerful enough to be us. We do not state it that way, but that is the undercurrent. We get lost in trivialities and the reasons we “can’t”and think that is us.

The shift is here. We are showing up with all that is necessary to live fully in this next period of evolution. As I said yesterday, we must know where we stand. We are all at choice, of course, but the choice we make today does have a ripple effect. “One alone in consciousness constitutes a complete majority.” We alone affect the majority because we are one. Our place is unique and yet connected.

I love the idea of taking a big magnifying glass and looking at my life in the now and not being afraid to really see it. All of it. That is what I will do and continue to do and then take real action to make sure I open up to the fullness, the more, the real true Rita.

Really, I invite you to live the life you were born to live. You have everything, like the acorn has for the forest, to make it so. You are free any time to do so. Really.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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