Prayed UP

If there were a wake-up call I am receiving right now, it is to get our spiritual houses together. That would mean that I invite each of us to find the spiritual practice that works for us and hone it, immerse ourself in it. In other words, be prayed up.

Prayer is many things to many people. To me, it is to claim that perfection is present when we do not necessarily see it. It is about judging not according to appearances. It is about having faith that all is well when it seems we are immersed in chaos. Prayer is seeing beyond our conditions to the Spiritual Reality without by-passing our conditions.

What I know and understand about the Universe or God is that God is harmony, balance and order. Above all It is Love. If we could swim in a sea of love right now, everything would show up as love, guiding, guarding and protect us along this rocky path called life.

Life does not mean that we never experience a challenge. Life is a journey and the path we walk is our path. The right experiences and people show up to assist us in bringing us back to wholeness at all times. We are always being called home.

Know ye not that you are Gods? Yes, we are Gods, not in the making but we are Gods revealing ourselves. Like the Island of Kauai came up out of the ocean erupting and forming itself in utter seeming chaos and explosions, so are we. And, within the chaos and explosions, there is order and balance always making itself known. If we trust, we are safe beyond these conditions.

As I walk the rocky path right now, each rock and pebble beneath my feet is smoothed by the Spiritual Truth that God is in and through everything. We can no longer rely on the faith of others. Yes, it helps, but we must build our own spiritual fortress of love. We must be prayed up. Let us all get to work now.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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