I Will Follow the Light

“I will follow the Light into the Perfect Day.” If we truly saw ourselves, we would see Light. Many have stated that these bodies of ours are an illusion. As real as they seem, they are made up of trillions of particles of energy being held together by pure consciousness. We are Light in form, all connected in a field of Energy.

Today, as I continue to process the passing of Nora Rose-Hines, I am struck by this thought of Light. I am convinced that I must follow the Light. It is easy to sink into despair and darkness, but really, it only brings me around to more darkness and despair. Perhaps, this is what Dr. Ernest Holmes meant when he wrote about “wallowing in morbidity.”

There is a way of feeling all my feelings and still following the Light. I experience all my feelings today as I feel a comfort in knowing and experiencing a the possibilities of Lightness of mind, a heavy heart buoyed up by Light and a Spirit that is filled with Light. I allow the Light to consume me. Light is pure Intelligence and Love.

I invite us all to follow the Light today and allow it to consume us in its pure Intelligence, Peace, Love and understanding. We are Lights in the this world burning brightly right now. There is not effort in this. It is who and what we are. I breathe into Light, knowing this for all of us.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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