It’s Okay Not to Know

Today is our women’s Holiday luncheon. Life does go on and so it does for Nora. That is what I do believe. I spoke yesterday of having a hard time putting up our Christmas tree. I eased the sorrow by honoring Nora with our tree. I will do the same thing as we continue to celebrate the Holidays. Each little thing will be in celebration of her continuing life.

I am struck by the way we all deal with sorrow and pain, not just in this instance, but in all instances in our lives. We want to understand. We want to make sense of it. We find a way with our explanations and definitions of life and death. We try to understand the actions of others. We put meaning on it all. I think this is our way of making sense of what seems senseless. What I believe is that it is done unto us as we believe. Therefore, whatever we believe is true for us and will deepen our path and bring more understanding in all areas of our lives.

Some have expressed the idea that Nora’s presence was too big for this plane of action. I think this is a good explanation that brings comfort to the person who feels it. I also believe that we might never really know why someone leaves us. I’m okay with this because what I understand is that I can never truly know what someone else’s journey is. I’m not saying I will never know, but I feel I must trust in the mystery rather than trying to give explanations for everything.

I remember my mentor James Mellon using the affirmation, “I know nothing; now, what can I know.” I believe this opens the field for true knowing. “I know nothing; now what I can know.” This statement, I believe, will give us our own answers to everything when we are ready to receive them.  Sometimes an answer is not filled with words; instead, it is filled with feeling that cannot be expressed in words.

I am comfortable right now not knowing why Nora left us. And, when I feel frustrated or any sense of anxiety about not knowing, there is something that is helping me. It is reaching out and loving and being kind to the people who are here in front of me. Telling someone I love them or spending time with someone that I might not have previously had time for is very healing. Remember that statement, “Love the one you are with.” This takes on greater meaning right now.

Life is rolling on. It has not stopped, nor can it. I know and claim that we are each finding our way to deal with the numerous tragedies that have occurred during the past year. It seems that there have been many. I will continue to ask questions. I will continue to be okay with not understanding. I will continue to have faith in Life and the eternality of the soul. I will continue to deepen myself, love more and open up to knowing myself better. I will continue to love more.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita



2 thoughts on “It’s Okay Not to Know

  1. Here is a photo of the ornament a friend made for us following the passing of our beautiful daughter.

    [cid:image003.png@01D48FBD.4AECA280] We love you and miss you. See you on April 8th (We arrive on Easter Sunday.)

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