Where are you, Joy?

This morning I read a beautiful meditation from Ernest Holmes. It was called “Joy Has Come to Live With Me.” I was struck by the idea of mourning in morbidity or seeking Joy as my companion. I realized in a moment of inspiration that I had the ability to claim Joy as my companion and let go of morbidly. If I called upon Joy, it would sit with me.

As I define this type of Joy that I have called upon, I realize it is not exuberance or the type that makes you leap. It is quiet comforting feeling, a deep feeling.

I wondered why we do not call upon Joy, when I know it is readily available? I thought, when we are mourning over the loss of a loved one,we cannot, for many moments, seem to uplift ourselves in any way. Morbidity, hopelessness and misery become our companions. It feels awful and yet, we dare not call upon Joy. I am, of course, speaking from my own experience right now. I cannot speak for others.

So, this morning, I realized that I had the ability to call up Joy, to ask it to sit with me. I know that Spiritual Mind Treatment works and so that is what I am doing. I am claiming Joy as my comforter. Joy is my comforter.

Dr. Holmes wrote it so eloquently, “Joy has come to live with me. How can I be sad? I do so love thy presence, which is joy within me. …I shall give myself to thee and remain with thee, for thou art complete and satisfying. I find fulfillment in joy forever more. I am filled with the Spirit of Joy.”

This idea of allowing the space for Joy to sit with me and comfort me brings a bottom to my sadness. It’s like a big comfortable pillow that allows me to know that I am held and that there are answers that are coming to me. I am comforted to know that I have an invisible friend named Joy that holds my hand, while I weep. It tells me that “everything is going to be okay.”

I invite us all to call upon the Spirit of Joy. It is available right now and just waiting for us to claim it. Joy heals.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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