The Renewing of Our Mind

“Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Our whole teaching of Science of Mind and Spirit is based on this quote. It’s why this movement is called “New Thought.” What we are teaching is not new; it’s our ability to have a new thought. When we do, we turn the wheels of causation in a whole new direction.

Ernest Holmes writes that the “Renewing of our minds is a scientific act.” It’s scientific because as we pour new thoughts into our subconscious (which is the creator of everything in our life) there has to be change in our outer world. It’s scientific because we can prove it right now.

Sometimes we might wonder how we can have a new thought. We are stuck with the tragedies or remorse of the moment, the past, or foreboding of the future. It seems impossible. It is important to remember that it’s a choice to have a new thought. When we are ready, we each have this opportunity.

I know that each of us finds the perfect time to decide to have a new thought. Ernest Holmes writes, that mental healing is a conscious act. Yes, we must make a conscious choice to have a new thought about whatever is going on in our life. It doesn’t mean that we are changing the experience, but because we change the way we think about it, it appears different. The future begins to take on a new form.

Today, I am choosing to renew my mind. I am choosing to put God/Source/Love at the center of my mind and allowing it to renew me. I am choosing to know that a mystery is unfolding as my life that will appear as more and more understanding, certainty in the unknown and faith and trust as my power.

I am grateful today for this idea of renewing my mind. “The body is healed as the inner mind is transformed, as the old and false images of thought are renewed by images of Truth and Life.”

Why wouldn’t I do this if I knew that I could settle into more happiness, more health, more love, more understanding. It is a scientific act because the Law of Cause and Effect is scientific. What we put out returns to us. Everything is mind and everything begins in mind.

As the Quantum Physicist knows, we live in an energy field of unlimited potential that is continually being formed by our projections and perceptions. Let us transform that energy by the renewing of our mind. Let the mysteries of life unfold and be known in the perfect way for each of us.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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