The Blessing

Since the transition of Nora, daughter of our dearest friends, the week after Thanksgiving, I have been in constant Spiritual Mind Treatment and Meditation working on bringing myself to a place of peace and understanding. I know that these things do not necessarily happen quickly and everyone takes their own time with grief and experiences it in their own way. I have no way of imagining what her parents are going through; nor, can I make their journey my journey. I am me and I have my own lessons to learn through what I am calling at this time – a bitter experience.

One of my greatest Spiritual teachers and mentors, Ernest Holmes wrote, “We give Intelligence outlet in two ways: pure inspiration or intuition or the more common way of bitter experience, and through most of us it is through the latter. If it were not for the Divine hope in us the experiences would be more than the mind could digest.”

In this instance of time, it does feel like it is more than the mind could digest. However, it seems that it depends on myself and how I choose to think upon it. I seek answers. I seek peace. I seek to live in the light. I seek to not let this experience rule my life. So, as I treat, answers come in their own way and in their own time. I do not rush my process. I do not deny what has happened. I do not submerge my feelings and pretend they are not there. I feel all of them, but at the same time, I know there are answers and this, too will pass.

I’ve been introduced to an ancient way of praying by Gregg Braden. I’m not sure where it began but it is based in the words of Jesus the Christ who said, “Bless those who curse you…etc.” It’s called “The Blessing” and I am working with it as a part of my spiritual practice.

If any of us have experienced something that has caused us hurt or pain it might be something to consider. We can only do it if we are sincere in wanting to work through those things which bind us to feeling victimized and lost. The question is: do we want to work though the pain or do we not. If we don’t, then our work is to find out why. That is our journey. If we do, then “The Blessing” is for us. It has  three parts:

I bless __________(the names of those who are suffering or have suffered.)

I bless____________(the names of who or what has inflicted the suffering.)

I bless____________(me in the witnessing.)

Gregg challenges us to do this in the privacy of our own space, as it is an inner journey. He guarantees results in a release of the hurt and a higher understanding of the experience.

I’ve been working with this and, in my experience, I am noticing that it allows me to merge with the experience, feel all the feelings I need to feel; and by acknowledging and allowing myself the process, something is happening on a spiritual, emotional, and physical level.

I will continue to work with it. I will continue to be gentle with myself. I will continue to know that because I have asked for healing, because I realize that healing is already here and that I am in the middle of allowing myself to accept it, that I can take as long as I like and need to come to the understanding I need. It is truly a matter of surrender, trust and faith.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita


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