Creative Visualization

It can be easy to get trapped in the negative spiral of all that is going on lately in our personal and global worlds. Someone said to me recently, “Why can’t the world get it…?” He was talking about the idea of peaceful and forgiving relationships in the global sense. I said, “We are the world.” Everything starts with the individual, so if we want a better world to live in, it’s up to us to create it on a personal level first.

Recently, I have been thinking a lot about what I do not want. I’ve gotten wrapped up in some of the issues that seem insurmountable. I’ve sat with them and wondered about them and envisioned what it would be like if things were different and certain things hadn’t happened. I was trapped in the past.

Today, I stop myself. There is something called creative visualization. It is something we can do for ourselves. We can begin to visualize what we do want. We can visualize what we want to experience. We can even use this in relation to the events in our lives that we want to have a different attitude about. We can visualize how we want to feel. We can visualize having more understanding, more compassion, more forgiveness.

In reality, what I am saying, is that we can stay focused on what we want instead of focusing on those things we do not want. I think this would be a good thing to do right now if something is going on in our lives that we are dissatisfied about. Let us stop giving it so much focus, and instead focus on the loving solutions and ways that we can be and assist.

Let us use creative visualization to begin designing our lives from a higher perspective. We are guaranteed results because we live in a Universe of Energy that is very fine and fluid. It is call many names: the One Mind, the Quantum field, the atomic particles, etc. It moves and forms according to the way we feel and think about most. It is for us to use in regards to ourselves, not to change another person or someone else’ experience. We can only control our own perceptions and experiences. This is important to note.

So, in closing, what I am going to spend my time doing beginning right now is to visualize the life I want, the experiences I desire, the way I want to feel, the understanding that I know is coming. I am focusing on the positive outcome in everything. I trust the process of creative visualization. And, of course, this doesn’t just mean sitting around and thinking about it. I must take action steps, too.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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