The Impatient Gesture

“Death has nothing to do with life everlasting, and is but an impatient gesture of the soul, wishing to rid itself of a body no longer useful.” I always love this quote by Ernest Holmes and I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately.

We are here in Los Angeles getting ready to celebrate the life of our nineteen yearly old friend Nora. She was so young and we wonder why she left us so soon. We see all the things that we have not experienced with her. We feel robbed and wonder if she feels robbed, too. I know this is impossible. The impatient gesture that Ernest Holmes speaks of has no age.

Life is for us; it is not against us. Life moves through us in Love and an energy that promotes our expansion and growth. Death cannot be a mistake. It can only be a step in the progression of our souls.

Tonight, we visited with a friend who is about to make his transition. How beautiful it is to stand at the bedside of someone ready to go to the next expression. There is peace here. I accept that I am in the right place at the right time. It was moving to here that right before his illness was diagnosed that all his aspirations had come to a focal point of excitement and joy. Was this a sign of the impatient gesture finding this expression no longer useful because it came and did what was its to do?

It’s hard to believe that since we got here this morning at 6:37am after a very bumpy flight that we have been taken part of a Science of Mind class and sat at the bedside of our friend transitioning and pondered many things. Life is rich.

We then heard stories from different people who have communicated with Nora in different ways. It has been very comforting. I wondered if she was at our friend’s bedside tonight, helping him to let go. So many mysteries that just take faith and trust in the goodness of the Universe.

I am willing to trust and have faith. I am grateful to be a presence here.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

One thought on “The Impatient Gesture

  1. Thank you Rev. Rita. I didn’t know Nora well. Just the last couple of years since GTC merged w/CSL Westlake. But I am so grateful to have experienced her amazing vocal gifts, her radiant beauty, but most of all, her loving heart. See you tomorrow.
    Love is all there is,
    Sherry Virsen
    GTC LA


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