The Healing Power of Christmas

As I sit here writing on the Island of Kaua’i. Time plays tricks with my mind. I cannot believe that 24 hours ago in time and space I was in Los Angeles speaking from the GTC pulpit, hugging and greeting friends and saying Aloha.

I am grateful to be home with my CSL Kaua’i Ohana, yet part of me still lingers in L.A. I am home and a million thoughts fill my head. I went on a walk today and it began to rain. A rainbow appeared. It was Nora in its beauty, saying  “I am here.” Then, the whole desktop on my phone suddenly re-arranged itself and the background became a pallet of stars.  Angels filled my cell phone!

I am trusting and having faith in this process of grief for all of us. I am trusting and having faith that we are safe to grieve and to begin again and again just where we are. The Universe backs us 100% of the way.  We are healing into a whole new spiritual species right now. If I could take any of the pain away I would.  However, for me, I know the only answer is to dive head first into the pain and allow it to teach me what I need to know right now. The pain will rebirth me.

Today, is a day of release and surrender to my highest and best good. It is Christmas. The Christ Consciousness is more present than ever, if we open up to the Spirit of Christmas. I have to keep reminding myself that it is Christmas. I remind myself now and allow Christmas to begin to pour its healing presence through this whole experience for each one of us. I remind myself that the Christ Consciousness, which is the presence of the Divine within us, makes itself known now in every cell of our being, in all that is seen and unseen. I unfold into the Spirit of Christmas.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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