Mele Kalikimaka!

Ernest Holmes wrote, “Who would entertain the Christ, must invite It! It does not come unbidden, nor sit at any person’s table an unwelcome guest; neither does the Divine Present force Itself upon any. It stands at the door and knocks. WE MUST OPEN IF WE ARE TO RECEIVE. But how can we receive unless, we first believe?”

So, it’s Christmas. Whether we celebrate or not, there is a Spirit in the air that I believe makes us forget all else or brings all else to an even greater light. It’s like being in a vortex, where your feelings are magnified by the energy centered and present there. Whatever we are feeling is magnified. If it is our unbelief or troubles they are magnified. If it is our faith and trust it is magnified. Whatever we feel, in the vortex here and now on this Christmas Day it is magnified.

So, the question is: Are we going to invite in the Christ? Are we going to open the door and receive the Divine Presence as our very presence? Are we going to live the Divine Life?

What does that mean? To me, it means that we are claiming our mystic self and actually trusting and living it in and through everything, every experience no matter what it is. As we do, I believe that doors of understanding are swung open in a deeper and more profound way. But, first, as Ernest says, we must believe it actually exists.

I love that Ernest writes that the Christ does not sit at anyone’s table an unwelcome guest. I mean, think about it. Have you ever had a person barge into your experience uninvited? In most cases, you would not be open to what he or she had to say and more than likely you would just close off in that moment. I am sure the presence of the Divine although here with us would not be recognized in our closed state. An unwelcome guest is that – unwelcome!

So, I invite us today to take a good look within and reveal the Christ. Let us sit and break bread with it, truly. Let us take comfort in It. Let It teach us of ways magnificent, and let it bring us understanding beyond time and space. Let us recognize It as our very breath. Let us love in even deeper and more profound ways and allow ourselves to receive love in the same manner.

To realize within oneself a divine Presence, a perfect Person, is to recognize the Christ. Let us learn to be still and let the Truth speak through us; to be still and know that the inner light shines.”

Mele Kalikimaka everyone!

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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