Rise Up!

Aloha and Happy New Year!

We were inspired by the new song written by Faith River “Rise.” “Spirit rise within me,” she sings. Our theme for 2019 at CSL Kaua’i is “Rise Up!”.

I must demand that Spirit rise within me. Like the phoenix rises from the ashes, I rise from 2018 and all its experiences into the new me. I know this same for all of us. It is our time, and even in our pain and sorrow, we can rise.

Does this mean we suppress our emotions and feelings. Not at all. What it means, to me, is that we take those emotions and feelings and allow them to transform us into new knowing, new understanding, new compassion, new discovery of ourselves at an even deeper level. We ask questions from wherever we are and whatever we are feeling, and we expect answers. The answers come as we rise up into our higher selves by surrendering our old ways. We must make the decision to rise. It is a decision. Let the Spirit Rise Within us!

I feel many changes coming on. I feel many decisions that are birthing within me.

  • The decision to not make assumptions about anyone or anything anymore. When in doubt, ask questions.
  • The decision to speak my truth when asked or when I feel the situation arise that needs my truth.
  • The decision to be my greatest self and stop playing the “I don’t know” game.
  • The decision to take time to play and be my childlike self.
  • The decision to step into a healing consciousness at even a deeper level.
  • The decision to commit my life to the things I say I am passionate about and to allow new things birth within me.
  • The Decision to live as a prosperous and generous person, giving and being willing to receive at the same time.

There is so much more that I am sure this year is about. When I make the decision to rise, the Universe answers with the ways to rise and the strength to rise at the same time.

As Faith sings, “Rise in Love…” It is the answer to everything and every solution comes from this place. Let love for the self and love for others rise within us into action.

Happy 2019 everyone! It is not just another year. It is a pivotal year in the spiritual revolution that is coming forth. We are all integral pieces in the new world that is being birthed. Let us Rise Up!

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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