Perceptions, Perceptions, Perceptions

I think that as we enter 2019 our perceptions about our world, our lives and the experiences we encounter are going to be pivotal to the shaping of our future. Perceptions are everything, and the way we perceive the world tells us who we are and how we are using our minds. I had the most interesting experience in regards to perceptions yesterday.

I met my husband, Patrick in 1997. From about 2000 on, we have sung a fun song as part of our cabaret act called “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.” We’ve always loved this song, and when we have sung it, it has brought giggles and laughter to our audiences. Yesterday, we sang it as a prelude to our Celebration Service to bring some joy into what has been a heavy month for all of us.

Well, as we began to rehearse it was suddenly brought to our attention that this song was politically incorrect and has been banned from many radio stations, etc., due to the perception that it is a “date rape” song – #metoo. We were shocked. I guess we haven’t been reading the headlines. We had no idea. This song, as I said, has always been fun and playful for us and that is the way we perceived it and sang it. Then, we come to find out that this controversy about the song goes back to around 2005.

So, what’s my point.? It’s all about perception. Where your mind is focused everything shows up for you that way. I was focused on the fun of the song and missed all the headlines for the past 13 years.

Frankly, I am saddened by this interpretation of a song that I have always felt was a fun flirtation between two people. I even heard it sung on Glee between two men. It was so fun and entertaining.

What’s happening in our world? I know there has been a strong patriarchal influence and that women have been demeaned for a long time. I am for the rising up of women. However, perhaps when the pendulum swings it swings really too far before balancing. I will trust that it will balance out.

For myself, I choose to see the good and perceive my life with childlike innocence. I do not want to be hardened and cynical. I want to drop my judgement and merely look at things from the new without the stains of the past filtering everything. I know I can do this and I know that when I do, I open myself up to new, amazing experiences. When I look with new eyes, I see things as I’ve never seen them before. There is an amazing world with amazing experiences waiting for all of us. We should learn to trust ourselves, our discernment and our ability to know what is here to hurt us or entertain us.

Frankly, I’ll continue to sing “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” and every time I do, I will remember that life can be fun, loving, flirtatious and passionate. When Frank Loesser wrote this song for his wife, they sang it as a farewell to their guests at their parties. How fun is that?

Everything is about the intention behind it.  I’ve never heard this song sung with the intention that so many are perceiving right now. Perceptions, perceptions, perceptions are everything. We experience everything through the eyes of our perceptions. I choose to perceive the good.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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