Feeling is the Prayer

I’ve been reading the Isaiah Effect by Gregg Braden. I am amazed by the things he writes that are so obvious because they are the things I’ve studied in the Science of Mind and Spirit. I wonder why he never mentions Ernest Holmes. I guess it doesn’t matter because as Ernest says, ‘Truth belongs to everyone.” Dr. Holmes was never looking for any credit and realized that he only synthesized all the great truths of the world. And so it is.

So, what did I read today. It was about the idea that what makes a prayer is the feeling. The Abbot in the monastery high the mountains of Tibet said that “The feeling is the prayer.” What we might ask does this mean? Well, it means that when we pray, we must feel as if it has already happened. This makes total sense to me because we aren’t creating anything; we are merely revealing something that is already there. Energy is always flowing and changing by our thoughts and our perceptions.

If we wonder how we can feel something that we do not see yet, I do know the way that works for me. We must begin to act like it is already. This doesn’t mean that we deny where we are, but we begin to act as if we are what we would like to become. Suppose we want to lose weight. Do we wake up in the morning and tell ourselves how fat we are or do we put on our clothes and go out grateful for our bodies and how good they feel? If we really feel it, it will begin to influence our actions. If we want wealth, do we continue to focus on all we do not have or do we give gratitude for what we do have? What we focus on grows: Science of Mind 101.

It is such a simple thing. As Ernest says, “we make a riddle out of simplicity.” All the answers lie within us, and everything we could ever desire is here. But, stop…what about all those people we want to control or make love us or make well? We do not have control over anyone. The only thing we can control is our own thought about them. We can’t make anyone do anything, but we can love them just as they are and know that their journeys are unfolding as they should.  We can straighten out our own minds and feed love into the “Field” or “One Mind” we all share.

Feeling is the prayer and our feelings to create an avenue through which things can happen. Whatever we can conceive and truly feel and believe as true can be achieved. If we want love in our life, we must be the love. If we want prosperity of finances, we must accept and allow it to flow as us, giving gratitude for what we have. If we want more health, then we must turn away from our conditions to something greater. Take the medicines, go to doctors, but start believing and feeling like we are well. If we want to be more success, think about success and feel successful no matter where we are at in the process.

I think we would be surprised how we spend our mind time. If we really took an evaluation at the end of the day, we would begin to understand why we are not demonstrating the lives that we want to live.

So, in conclusion, “Feeling is the prayer.” It isn’t about the words, praying or supplicating a deity, or getting down on our knees at certain times of the day. It is about beginning to live from a place of gratitude, trust, faith and the knowing that life is unfolding perfectly no matter what. Trusting in the good will carry us through everything. Feeling that we are worthy and deserving will shift our lives. Feeling is our prayer at all times, not at certain times of the day or times we designate to commune. The communion time is all the time.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita


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