The Answer to the Prayer

There has been a lot going on lately. Lots of prayers have been prayed – all different because they come from different minds and hearts. No two prayers are the same. In the reading of the Science of Mind this morning Dr. Holmes poses the question of why some prayers are answered and some are not. He states that there is no God dolling out goodies to one person and evil to another. He writes that it’s not about God answering prayers at all. It is about the one praying. “The answer to the prayer is in the prayer,” he writes. “Their prayer  (their thought) has responded by corresponding.”

This is a loaded statement and I think would make many of us who want to be healed or want someone to be healed perhaps feel a little “less than.” If our prayers are not answered the way we think they should be, is it our fault? Did or do we not have enough faith? “A prayer is a movement of thought, within the mind of the one praying, along a definite line of meditation, that is for a specific purpose.” 

What if that purpose is to make some else live or well or to have more money? Better yet, let’s not go to other people yet, let’s focus on ourselves. Let’s say we want a healing of some sort and it has not occurred. What is stopping that healing from coming? If Ernest is correct, it is about our own relationship with the Divine. Have we as Ernest states, “responded to God,” and what does this mean? Our our prayers (thoughts) corresponding with the Divine?

I have had spontaneous healings and healings that have taken years. I have healings that are yet to occur. What I understand is that it is about how I respond to God. Is God outside myself still? Am I waiting for a healing to come from somewhere out there, or do I truly believe that God is who I am. If I sit in the knowing that God is where I am and who I am, there is nothing to be healed. I am already perfect even in my seeming imperfection. The truth is as the ancients have spoken that the answer to the prayer is in the feeling that it has already occurred. When we can go to that place, there is nothing to be healed, time does not exist and all that is –  is now.

So, if the answer to the prayer is in the prayer, then our prayers must be a knowing that all is already well and that we are perfect just as we are. All that needs to be released to reveal our truth is released by the power of our prayer “a movement of thought along a definite meditation, that is, for a specific purpose.” 

We should never give up on our prayers. We should pray unceasingly. Most of all we should develop an atmosphere of love within ourselves, for ourselves, appreciating ourselves right where we are, accepting more and more of our good right here and now, not when the physical healing has occurred. We do not have to be better people or do good deeds. We are enough right now.

Our prayers are already answered. The answer is constantly shifting and changing, as we shift and change until we’ve shifted to the point of total acceptance and allowing because of our continued development of faith and belief. I call it embodiment. The conscious mind and subconscious are in total alignment – no arguments. It’s a process whether it is instantaneous or takes years.

Our prayers are always answered according to our current state of mind and heart.  No answer ever comes back void. We are perfect right where we are. Sometimes it takes a moment for the physical world to catch up, because we are not dealing with the physical plane, we are dealing only with the mental/spiritual plane.  “The answer to the prayer is in the mind of the one praying.” This makes total sense to me, is freeing, and gives me a place from which to work.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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