Our Intentions Create Our Reality

Wayne Dyer wrote, “Our intentions create our reality.”

We are in the midst of the Sacred Journey of Childlike Wonder. If you do not already know, every year in January we bring together 18 to 20 souls who have decided to embark on a journey of self-exploration. We pick a theme and it is our intention to bring that theme forward in all our activities. We do our part to make sure to create a safe and open space for exploration with gentle guidance from us.

At the beginning of the Journey we invite the participants to pick an intention for themselves. We remind them that intentions can change, but that it is good to have an intention in mind to assist in guiding them to deeper knowing.

My intention for this Journey is to create a structured space for the participants and still allow them to be free to find their place in that space without my control. In essence, that intention is to surrender and let the journey unfold in even more magnificent ways than I could have planned. I always learn so much about myself. It enriches my life and deepens me as a person and teacher.

I realize that although I am responsible for my part in the giving of the experiences, I am not responsible for how they are experienced or if they are even experienced at all. I cannot dictate what kind of experience anyone is going to have. After six journeys, I have witnessed many different experiences taken from the same giving.

Isn’t this true of life? We all get to participate in the one life. There is only one life, one mind, one heart, but we are all taking from it and experiencing it in our own unique way. A whole city of people, for instance, might have an experience together and yet, each person regards it differently. This is called our individuality and it is our share of something that in itself is expansive and multi-faceted. We have only one way to experience anything and that is through our perception of it. That perception comes from where we are in consciousness. We see the world with our own eyes.

There is so much to experience if we are open to it. And, if we are not, it is a good question to ask ourselves ‘why not?” There is as much learning in the doing as there is in the resistance to do. If we are brave enough to ask the questions and to be willing to answer honestly, we can truly grow spiritually.

I have an intention for this Journey and I have an intention for my life. I also have an intention for this day. In my intention is everything for its fulfillment. If I look at life through the eyes of my intention I will see the fulfillment rather than the lack of it. My answers are always here in the Field of Creation, as I allow myself to be guided by my intentions. Intentions bring great discoveries.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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