It Binds the Ignorant and Frees the Wise

If we could truly believe that there is but one Spirit, infinite in its scope and spontaneous in its action, and that we are in that Spirit, that it is us; if we could believe that there is but one Universal Mind that is impersonal, and that it is the avenue through which Spirit operates as Law; if we could believe this and actually allow it to move through us as we direct it, there would be nothing we could not accomplish.

The truth is there is nothing we can do to stop it from moving through us. It’s always moving through and as us. If we are not experiencing the life we would desire, it is because of the way we are using this power. We are either directing it consciously or unconsciously. If we could take full responsibility for this great Power as our Power and stop arguing for why it might not be so, but instead actually learn how to use it on purpose, there would be nothing we could not accomplish.

We do not need to wait for anyone else. We do not need to make sure everyone else is using it the way we think they should. We do not need to worry about what our neighbor is doing. We only need to take full responsibility for ourselves.  People wonder why we do not have peace in the world, but we cannot get over our own grievances with our families and neighbors. People wonder why we are sick, but we cannot stop talking about every ache we have. We get stuck trying to fix things on the outside, instead of realizing everything is an inside job.

So, why is it that we do not get down to work and learn how to use this great Power in the most magnificent ways? Well, there is a lot we would have to surrender. We’d have to surrender our need to be right. We’d have to surrender to forgiveness of our pasts, of ourselves and others. We’d have to take full responsibility for our lives. We’d have to love fiercely, beginning with ourselves. We’d have to live in the present moment. We’d have to actually believe that we are free to choose and then begin to let go and make those choices that will free us.

It is written that “there is a Law that binds the ignorant and frees the wise.” It is impersonal, but we can use it personally. We do use it. We use it every time we think, but it follows the tendency of our thoughts, those we repeat over and over. Remember, we cannot “destroy this Law of Mind, but we can re-direct its movement” anytime we choose to do so. We are never lost. We are not stuck in the past unless we choose to be.

We are new in every moment. We are free agents. We are powerful. When we truly accept this and begin to actually use this Power consciously without putting limits on it, being definite and allowing the Law to move through us, surrendering to this greater Mind, we will create what seem like miracles. However, those seeming miracles will become the normalcy of our lives.

I believe this and I have seen and do see how this great Power has moved through and as my life. I am excited to learn how to use it in even greater ways by taming my mind, focusing my attention, surrendering, and loving more deeply every day.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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