Sermons in Trees, Answers in Stones…

If I had to impart anything to this world, it would be to look within for all our answers. I would urge us to let go of those who want to tell us who we are and what we are to do. I would encourage each of us to know that we are each all that we need to find our authentic path in life.

Does this mean we do not need each other? Not at all. What it means, to me, is that as we look within and become clear on ourselves, that others show up to assist the path we’ve chosen to take. Everything fills in the spaces that we require. Angels seen and unseen guide us. Books appear. There are messages and signs everywhere for us to interpret with our own eyes.

The same moon that one sees is different to another set of eyes. No one can tell me what I see or should see, what I should do or where I should go next. Even trees appear to teach me.

There is a tree here in Waimea that sits outside of our cottage. It is quite magnificent. I could meditate on it for hours. It has so many answers to so many questions. I am reminded of that game I used to play as a child when we would look for the hidden pictures within the picture. There were no clues only our own eyes to find the pictures. This tree is like this and the more I study even the picture I’ve taken of it, the more that appears to be here.

I am attaching the tree to this blog. If it speaks to you, see what you see in it. Does it have a message for you?  Does it contain a sermon? Let me know. I’d like to hear from you.

This tree represents many things to me, but I do not want to influence your knowing. Your knowing is your knowing and whether it is in this tree or in the wood on your desk at work or even your coffee cup, it is there for you.

Life shows up as we need it to. It is perfect and perfect for each of us in every moment.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

3 thoughts on “Sermons in Trees, Answers in Stones…

  1. There is a tree outside an East-facing window at my house. It is my teacher about change and acceptance. And sometimes gifts me with the site of a full moon. Life is good.


  2. In the few moments in which I reflected on this beautiful tree, I saw a multitude of spiritual gifts. One in particular is the many split tree trunks rising from the earth. The rising split trunks reminded me of life’s many paths. My immediate thought was look at all of the paths that life gives to us. We have so many choices to use these paths to arrive at our spiritual destination. If one path takes us in a wrong direction, travel a new path, always looking up and ahead.


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