I FEEL the Moon

As we probably know, last night there was a lunar eclipse along with a blood moon and an alignment of planets that apparently will not happen for ________________ years. I do not all the details, but where I am living here on the Island of Kaua’i, many people were very excited about the prospects of last night and all that might occur for us collectively and individually. There were parties and celebrations with the emphasis of embracing the event.

I listened carefully and remained open to the ideas of this evening being a time of powerful manifesting. It could even be a time, if we focused our attention, that we could possibly bring world peace into manifestation. I jumped into the excitement and positive energy and stood in awe with everyone else. I even led a prayer circle at one point, focused on world peace.

At the beginning of the evening, I asked someone how they were, and the person just said, “I am feeling the moon. I am feeling the moon,” as she seemed to pull it down from the sky into her being. Any other words escaped her. I was touched by the intensity of her feeling. Again, I kept staying open to the evening and the events. It was beautiful to be with friends and to come together in community; however, did I “feel the moon?” Other than the intensity of its beauty, I can’t say that I felt anything more powerful than what I feel when I truly commit myself to focusing in the present moment.

I do believe we are one with everything, and that the Universe in all its forms, moons and planets is a part of me and I part of it; but, I am of the belief that I do not have to wait for anything to line up before I can move in a powerful way.  If I were waiting for the next lunar or solar eclipse or the next full moon, I would be waiting for my Good. My Good is here now, as I choose to embrace it. I can’t believe that there is a more powerful time then now to accept the power to manifest anything in my life.

However, I do believe I must stay present and alive in the moment. I do believe that I must not project into the future or allow doubt and fear sneak in. I do believe that anytime I choose to feel that one moment is more powerful than another, that it will become that to me. Really, truly, it is done unto me as I believe and what I choose to believe is the truth for me.

If I believe a certain thing, like in the power of the blood moon last night, then, yes, “I do feel the moon.” I do manifest more powerfully. I can create peace within. No matter which way I look at it, I trust and have faith in the power of my belief, and, then, I trust that the Law of my being will bring that particular thing through me. The thing becomes to me what I choose to believe it is.

It’s as simple as that, really.  As Ernest Holmes once wrote, “Let us do away with a ponderosity of thought and approach the thing simply and quietly. It is the nature of the Universe to gives what we are able to take. It cannot give us more. It has given all, we have not yet accepted the greater gift.”

That greater gift doesn’t have a time of arrival put upon it or a designated schedule. It is here right now and relies on nothing else, but our own power to believe and accept it as ours. It is a simple truth and I trust it.

So, I will continue to enjoy the rituals that embrace the beauty of nature and the rolling of the oceans and the signs in dolphins jumping, but I will also continue to know that It is I that am the seer who gives the meaning to everything and it is done unto me as I believe.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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