What’s Next?

It is written that Principle is definite. To me, this means that no matter where I turn or what I am experiencing Principle is present. It is here. It is active. Principle, meaning that Life Force/the Divine/God is all there is. That would be everything that is: you, me and everything and everyone. God moves through Law, which means that what God thinks or focuses on or contemplates becomes form, provided that those thoughts are backed by feeling and belief.

Not everything we think manifests. If it were so, we’d be in a lot of trouble. ¬†Everything we think might not manifest, but everything we are thinking is our perception of the world that shows up for us. It is the filter through which we see life. If we want to know what we believe all we have to do is look out into our experiences.

Today, upon returning from our little stay-cation, I am focused on the “what’s next” for CSL Kaua’i. I have a lot of feeling surrounding it. I am working on bringing that feeling to a centered and clear focus.

What’s come up for me as I review all that CSL Kaua’i has accomplished since its birth in 2013, and while thinking upon where it is right now, I can see that up to this point everything that we envisioned is already so. Every program that we said we would incorporate into CSL Kaua’i has shown up in one way or another. Even before we had the present home we are in now, we have always put forth our vision of being a healing consciousness, of teaching, of celebrating, of outreaching, of creating events and more.

Now, it is time for expansion. Expansion means that I must show up in a bigger way. It means that CSL Kaua’i is no longer a small church on a little Island. Actually, it never has been. It is an actual Entity in the Mind of the Divine that is touching the earth and all its inhabitants. It is a healing consciousness that must reach out from within and encircle all with the truth that we are all-powerful and responsible for our destiny as individuals and as a planetary community.

Our teaching, states that nothing happens to us and everything happens for us and through us. This is the one Truth of which I am sure. If we want to heal our lives, we must reveal our true selves. If we want more understanding, we must let understanding pour through us. All the answers we could ever require are here, within us. All the love we think we need is already who we are. All the health we search for is our very nature. All supply we struggle for is already right where we are. When we become more and more of ourselves, more and more of our Good is present. When we show up as God, God has to reveal itself through us.

For me, life is a deep journey of uncovering all of ourselves, and whatever that takes is always guaranteed to show up. Life is eternal and although I do not know what it looks like, I do know that just like CSL Kaua’i, it is forever and ever-expanding. Everything is made known in its perfect time, so I stay in the present, living what is my Truth.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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