Theory needs Practice

We are challenged in our philosophy of the Science of Mind and Spirit to not indulge in too much theory, but to practice what we say we believe. Yes, we can tend to theorize everything. We get it on the cerebral level, or at least we say we do, but we cannot use it or feel it. We say that we comprehend how it is possible that the Universe is a perfect system, but we do not feel it in our own lives. We, instead, see all the faults and things that aren’t the way we would like them to be. How can this be perfection?

Well, for me, the truth is that I cannot say that I know something if I cannot prove it to myself. I cannot say that I know the Universe is a balanced harmonious system, if I cannot live my own life as that. I must take that premise into my life and use it. How?

There is only one way for me, it is by thinking harmonious thoughts and dispelling what isn’t harmony as a falsity. It is about surrendering my ego in every situation and simply allowing something bigger and more grand to pour through me. If I keep telling myself something isn’t working, it will continue not to work. If I say there is only discord, that is all that will show up for me. If I fail to see someone else as whole and living their lives in perfect harmony, they will continue to appear to me that way, even though their experience might be totally different. I am the perceiver of everything.

The Universe is to me as I say that it is. However, I have to go beyond just saying it and actually live what I say. If I cannot live it, it isn’t true for me. I have an already established premise that works for me. It was taught to me by my mentor and it never fails, if I actually practice it. It is “My life is unfolding perfectly.” When I arise in the morning, and state this premise to myself, and remind myself of it throughout my day no matter what is showing up, I will experience it as true.

Well, you say, what if something like a flat tire shows up or I trip and fall or some other mishap. That doesn’t make my perfectly unfolding life less than that. Everything has to be part of the perfection. It either is or it isn’t. So, if something occurs like that, I must look for the perfection in it. It will reveal itself because I have declared it.

Theory can only take us so far. There is an invisible Principle called metaphysics that can be proved as easily as any other science. What is seen comes from what it is unseen. There is a spiritual prototype behind everything and we are the ones who are creating that through our perceptions of life. If we believe in perfection, perfection will show itself in everything. If we believe in disappointments and other negatives, everything will look that way to us. Really, it is up to us. Security and Love come from within. No one can do it for us and we cannot ride on another person’s faith for long. Pretty soon, we will have to, as a powerful light being once said, “grow a pair.”

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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