What Do You Want?

What do you want? The answers to this question are as individual as there are people in the world. There are billions of different wants. Dr. Ernest Holmes, teacher and mystic, writes that we can have whatever we want provided it doesn’t take away from the Good of someone else. He also writes, if we got whatever we wanted it might cause havoc because we would want what belongs to someone else. He has said the same thing in two different ways, asking us to claim what we want.

What I know is that we do need to focus on what it is we want and not on what we do not want. We create an energy magnet with our emotions and if we are focused on what we do not want, we are creating the same drawing energy as we would if we were focusing on what we do want. Strong feeling attracts no matter the feeling.

I’ve told the story of the indigenous man who prayed rain and got it by praying with the feeling as if it had already happened. He could feel the rain. I am struck by how we feel our worries and fears so strongly in just the same way – as if they have already happened. I think many of you know what I am talking about. And, so, we are praying our “do not wants” with the same feeling that the man prayed rain.

Many will ask how do I have a feeling for something when my objective world is showing me something else. In other words, how do I feel wealthy or loved when there is nothing in my life that shows me that this is true. My only answer is that we must make a decision to do so. We begin where we are and spend some time in gratitude for what we do have. And, we must practice faith. The invisible passes into the visible through our faith in it.

There is a field of energy that is plastic, moldable, fluid and is constantly taking form and leaving the form it takes. We now know this is truth and it can be seen with scientific means. We know this field reacts to the impress of our emotions, feelings, and thoughts. It surrounds us, is infused within us and is the very essence of who we are. We all occupy this field as one giant Mind. We are all fueling it with our wants and desires, consciously and unconsciously. We are all connected. We are not separate.

This field is our home. It is eternal. I am responsible for my use of it. That is my individuality – my use of this field. However, how I use it does affect others. I cannot escape that responsibility. This is why it is important that my wants and desires do not interfere with those of others. I must be a responsible steward of this field. This includes how I treat myself, other people, the earth and all its creatures.

The Law of Mind in action is a Law of liberty, but not a law of license. We pay in experience for how we use it. What do you want? If it hurts no one and does not interfere with someone else’s good, it is ours, as long as we can believe that it is before we see it. “The invisible passes into the visible through our faith in it.”

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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