Making Things Out of Ourselves

I’ve written about how we can have what we want provided it hurts no one. However, in reality we can only have what we can become. Spirit makes things out of itself by becoming the thing it makes.There is no where else anything can come from. That would be duality. There is only one Power.

I love this concept and I totally get it. I must become prosperity if I want prosperity. I must be love if I want love in my life. I must become health if I want more health. Spirit, me, makes things by becoming the thing it makes. This is similar to saying that we cannot create new conditions out of the energy of the past. We cannot create prosperity out of thoughts of lack, etc. We must think anew even when that new is not present in form. This takes something called FAITH. You know…we will see it when we believe it. It is the only way that It can work through and as us.

This is the reason why we seemingly do not demonstrate those things we say we so dearly want in life. We are trying to reach for something that we do not feel. Prayer is about feeling. It is about knowing that whatever it is has already happened. The answer to our prayers are in our prayers. Wherever we are praying from is our answer. God is not an outside being dolling out favors to some and ignoring others. We are answering our own prayers in consciousness all the time. In fact, we are continually praying with the thoughts we have that are backed by feeling. Thank goodness not every thought we think manifests. However, those we continually think about and feel so strongly about do.

What I know about this new day is that I am in charge of what I think and what I feel. I get to arise in the morning and set my day with the highest thoughts. I get to think from First Cause or that Energy that has never been touched by a condition of any sort. I get to think into the Infinite because that same Infinite Energy is where I reside. I might seem finite, but within me is at the Energy that is Infinite. As I get to know it more intimately, it becomes more of who I am in thought. And, as I think so is my life.

Ernest Holmes wrote in today’s reading, “Spiritual Evolution should make the infinite not more distant, but are intimate.” I know that the more intimately I become entwined with the Infinite in thought and feeling, the more I seek to know and experience First Cause at a deeper and more intimate level, the more my mind expands and the more my life expands.

I’m grateful to know all this today and to know that as I use these ideas, taking them out of theory and actually living them, walking as them, there is nothing I cannot accomplish. The same is true for all of us. I invite us all to become the thing we say we want so dearly. There is only one way to become it, and that is to think as it and walk out from that place into experience. Watch things shift. It is guaranteed. Oh…practice makes perfect…

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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