Love Moves Me

Does love move you? I’m not talking about valentine’s and love for a special person or any other manifestation of love. I am talking about the very essence of who you are, the truth of who you are. You are Love. Love is the self-giviningness of the Spirit through the desire of life to express its self. (Ernest Holmes) Love is that Power which we are that moves us to create. Law is what makes the way of Love possible.

If we are truly aligned with the Nature of Love moving through Law, we understand that as we allow Love to move through us in greater and greater ways, our life expands. As we open up to the Divine within us, it opens up to us. We are unlimited as we work with this Infinite Power that is Love and Law.

As I bring this idea into the practical, I understand that everything I could ever need to know to accomplish something lies within me. There is an infinite field that has all the knowledge and wherewithal to accomplish anything. And, if I think I do not know something, all I have to say is “show me the way.”As Love (me) asks this question, the Law has to obey and show the way.

It’s only when we get bogged down in the details of getting things done that we cut off that Divine inspiration that is flowing through us. Emerson called it “getting our bloated nothing out-of-the-way of the Divine circuits.”  How often do we cloud our creative energy with getting stuck in the cant’s of anything.

When Love moves me, which has been doing a lot lately, I know that change is here. I open up to the unlimited possibilities and the signs and signals everywhere that point the way. I see clearly those things that are not necessary anymore, those thoughts, patterns and habits that hold me back. I have the capability to release them, just by deciding to do so.

Love moves me to a greater and greater experience in this life, to more understanding of the mysteries. Ernest Holmes always said that we are “open at the top.” What he meant was that we are always expanding into the Infinite. Our knowingness is always growing. As we become more aware of this Power that lies within us and surrounds us, it becomes more to us. We are open to more and more Divine Influx. We discover what has always been there but we didn’t see it because we weren’t ready in mind.

I get out-of-the-way of the Divine Circuits, and allow Love (me)  to move me to the what next. I trust in the Goodness of Life and my place in it.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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