What is the Prosperity Gospel…Really?

I know that Religious Science and other New Thought theologies have been labeled as the Prosperity Gospel theology. I read some derogatory remarks and essays about this, stating that this was an “evil” thing and not at all aligned in what God really means in our lives.  I don’t want to get into all that, but I would like to express what I know is the Truth for me.

I really don’t care what others think about what I believe. I know my intentions. I don’t need anyone’s approval. I only know what has worked in assisting me to have a full and loving life. I also know that through my example I have assisted many people who have struggled in this life. I’ve assisted and continue to assist in guiding them back to their true selves, that self which is Power, Light, Love, Joy Beauty, Life and Wisdom. With all these attributes as the essence of who we are there is nothing standing in the way of living a magnificent life filled with health, wealth, amazing relationships and full creative expression. If this is the Prosperity Gospel, then I say “amen”

The world has lived too long in suffering and turmoil. I do not see that it has made us greater or closer to God. A new dawn is coming. People are waking up to their power, their voice. Heaven is here if we choose it. The Divine Presence cannot be submerged anymore.

To me, the Prosperity Gospel is this: I am an individualized point where the Infinite Universe expresses. I am an individualized expression of Divinity, a Divine Idea in the Mind of God/Source. Because of this, I have the freedom of choice to co-create the life I desire. I paint my life every day with my thoughts in action. There is nothing in my way besides myself and my belief about myself.

I believe we are God getting to know Itself through us – as a flower, as a person, as a whale in the ocean. God expresses and that is Love – the self livingness of the Spirit in terms of creation. If there were a such a thing as the Prosperity Gospel I would say it is what Jesus taught. It is what the Buddha taught. It is what all the great mystics taught. I and God our one. As I recognize this I just can’t help wanting to express more and more of it. As I expand into It, It is bound to bring me into a state of health and wealth. However, let’s not mix it up. I’m not seeking health and wealth. I am seeking to get to know and express God in my own unique way in expansion.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

2 thoughts on “What is the Prosperity Gospel…Really?

  1. I love this, Rev Rita!
    I agree with so much that you have to say: Esp about the state of the world and the power of positive thoughts and truths.
    Jesus said the same as far as I can understand Him. Stuff like “where your treasure is, there will your heart be also” and “clean the outside of the cup and the inside will be clean as well.” Or “nothing that goes into a person can make them unclean: It is what COMES OUT (thoughts) that can make you soiled”
    And then “as a man thinks in his heart, so will he be.”
    Much that is really good in your blog. Excellent.
    Keep it comin.
    The only thing is, it seems like you want readers to think of God as this good, impersonal force. Where do you land about an actual, personal Jesus and dying to pay for my actual personal sins and stuff? No rush. But id like to understand your thoughts better.


    1. In my philosophy and faith. God is a Divine Presence that is moving through all of creation, seeking expression through each of us. We are one with God. Jesus is the great Way-shower, the one who embodied the Christ Consciousness and came to teach us to do the same. “I and the Father are one!” We do our best to follow his example and live our lives as love, to be healers, like he challenged us to be.


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