Can We Heal Ourselves?

My deep passion and calling is to be a Consciousness of Healing on this planet. I am often asked the question, “Can I heal myself?” This is a multifaceted question that has numerous answers.

First, we have to ask: what is healing? To some it is the disappearances of a physical disease. We no longer have it. In the world of metaphysics it is the healing of consciousness. I remember hearing a story of a man who was ill, but through the process of his disease, learned to love himself deeply. After he made the deep discoveries of self-love, he passed on to the next realm. I remember many times in my own life when I prayed for healing for others. Some were healed of disease; others died? Who was healed and who wasn’t? The answer boils down to the definition of healing.

Here is what I know at this point in my development. I am sure I will grow and expand, and that is why I say at this point. Healing is a shift in consciousness that aligns the consciousness of the person seeking healing with his/her truth identity. Healing is the revelation of the Perfection/God within. In other words, “Healing is revealing.” 

Can I heal myself? If I am trying to rid myself of a physical effect, the answer would be no, I cannot heal myself. I cannot tell my cold to go away. What I can do is release myself from confused thoughts, align my thoughts with truth, and embrace a mind at peace. Healing of the surely cold follows.

Can I heal myself? If I am trying to do something with my will and am resisting what is, the answer is no. If, in turn, I can relax and surrender to the Power of Love that is greater than my will and allow it to flow through my consciousness, then a physical healing can follow.

Healing is the revelation of my true identity, not the getting rid of anything. I am thinking of the man who was portrayed in the film “The Secret” who healed from a state of being a complete quadriplegic. It happened through the power of focusing on what he wanted, which was to walk out of the hospital on a certain date. He didn’t try to heal his physical self, he loved himself back to health through the visualization of his wholeness. Dr. Joe Dispenza did the same thing. These are just two examples of a multitude of people who are healed in what seems like miraculous ways.

As i heard this morning on a program called “Missing Links” with Gregg Braden. Miracles are called miracles until they are understood scientifically. There is something going on in our physical mechanism which is pure energy and is affected by our emotions, the environment that we are in and our mental attitudes. Faith places the biggest part in healing. It is done unto us as we believe. Thus, people are healed when visiting Lourdes or John of God. Will the healings be permanent? As long as our faith and belief holds up? We are the healers.

Yes, we can heal ourselves because really there is nothing to be healed. There is only a new perception to be embraced, focused on and repeated until the change takes place. Spirit creates by becoming the thing which it creates. We must become the state we wish for if we want to experience it. The man who walked out of the hospital, became a walking man in the mental and emotional field and then his body had to respond. We affect our cells through our prevalent and focused emotions.

This is a simple concept, but can be a difficult one to actually practice. It takes work, patience, a lot of self-love, and a willingness to surrender the outcome to the Greater Mind that does the healing. What is that Greater Mind? It is the forces of attraction that bring everything together according to our direction.

When the famous Anita Marjoni came back from the near dead, healed of her cancer, she revealed that it was about love and forgiveness. Perhaps this is the best place to start, knowing that a mind at peace is a healed mind and a healed life.

Can we heal ourselves? The answer is yes because we always have the choice as to what we think and how we respond to everything. The more we can focus on love and perfection, no matter our physical state, the more the physical realm, which is only an effect with no mind besides the one we give it, must respond.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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