Feeling Rules the Universe

Joe Dispenza wrote, “The thought sends the signal out and the feeling brings the event back to you.” 

Ernest Holmes almost 100 years ago wrote, “Feeling and emotion are creative. Feeling is at the center of the Universe, and reflected through our consciousness, sheds it glow wherever the thought travels.”

We’ve always known either intuitively what science is now proving to us by attaching electrodes to our brains and other intense experiments. Yes, feeling is the force of the Universe. Love leads the way and the law makes the way possible. 

So, with this information and putting no limits on Law or Principle, it would seem that we could have whatever we can feel strongly enough about for the longest amount of time. Our strongest emotion prevails and creates our experience.

I talk to many people as a minister and I sit in counseling sessions with people who are wanting so much to change their lives. One of the things I’ve noticed over and over, even in casual conversations is that feelings about their ailments and the things that they say they don’t want in their life is so strong. Then when they speak of what they want, the energy is passive and doesn’t ring true. It makes me wonder. It is as if that the things we say we want so badly are merely ideas or in the theoretical realm and not real to us. Do we believe?

It is no wonder that we cannot demonstrate. What will it take to believe in our lives the way we say we want them to be. I believe it will take a leap of faith in possibility. It will take what all the mystics and scientific teachers are saying, and that is to stay in the feeling of the event as if it has already happened. It will take talking about our wants and desires with as much excitement as we talk about our woes and negative experiments. It will take letting go of the payoff of staying stuck.

We are broadcasters at all times, sending vibrations out into the field. It’s up to us what we broadcast. It is our radio station. What is the payoff of staying focused on the channel of despair and negativity? What are we getting out of our ailments that do not allow us to let them go and move forward?

If everything is energy, and it is proven it is, then what will it take to begin right where we are to believe and act upon our belief for the highest good of our lives? If we want to transform the world, we have everything to make this possible by first transforming ourselves. It is really the only place we can start.

I knew an activist once who was so angry about her cause that she made herself sick. She passed away and her cause was no better because of her anger. Mother Theresa once said she would not go to a rally against war, but would show up at one that was for peace.

My prayer is that we will all have the best lives possible – the healthiest, the most prosperous, those filled with love and enriching relationships. I believe that if we can begin to find reasons to feel good, even small reasons will  be the beginning. There must be something in our life we are grateful for. Let us begin there and move out into life passionately, becoming disinterested in those things that do not serve us.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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