There is No Competition

Do you ever feel threatened by competition? More than likely, many of us have at times. Perhaps we feel that someone has more talent than us. Perhaps we think some one took an idea that was ours. Perhaps, we feel there are not enough jobs in certain fields, or that because someone else makes more money then us, they are somehow better. There are many other reasons that we can feel threatened.

In my case, I’ve felt competition at times. I learned that it all stemmed back to a little girl inside of me who was competing for her dad’s love. It might seem trite, but this little girl was still fretting about that so many years later. The difference was she transferred her dad into anything or anyone that seemed to possibly be taking the attention off her. She didn’t do it consciously nor did she mean an ill will, but felt a slight fear anytime anything would come up that would feel like a threat to her presence. In essence, she felt a loss of love that wasn’t even the truth.

I’m glad to have discovered this and to have the ability to work with this and with this idea of competition. What I’ve come to learn and solidify in my consciousness is that there is no competition in the Mind of God or in the Source of all creation. I believe in a Power that lives in its totality in each of us and never loses one ounce of Itself. It is self-existent and doesn’t need anything for reassurance. It is always assured of its magnificence. It is Infinite and expressing in Infinite ways. I am special and you are special. We each have a unique gift to give, and if we allow ourselves to, we will give it in our own magnificent way, unlike anyone else.

There are an infinite amount of ideas and people in the world. We are each attracted to exactly where we need to be. I know this as a minister. Some people will resonate to me or to my husband. Some people will resonate to a totally different philosophy or person. It really doesn’t matter, because the important thing is that we all receive and give what is ours to receive and give, knowing that there is plenty for all. There are plenty of experiences, plenty of money, plenty of love, and plenty of just about anything.

So, what I share with you today is this. What you are doing is enough. Who you are is enough.  I know that we all will be exactly where we need to be at exactly the right time to fulfill that which is ours to fulfill. If we stay open, inspired and in touch with Spirit within, we are led in the right direction at all times. The right experiences and people come to us and we have everything it takes to meet all those experiences.

Each of us is a blessing. Let us live our blessed selves to the fullest, knowing that this fullness exists through and as everything and everyone.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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