When You Don’t Know What to Do…

There is something that I know is true and I go to this place whenever I feel that the situation seems unsolvable or that it seems like I can’t get to the bottom of it in a way that is clear to  me.  It is during those times that the truth seems to be hidden that I remember that nothing can be hidden for long. Eventually the truth will rise and those things that need to be taken care of will come forth in a way that I will know what is mine to do and what is left to the Universal Law of Cause and Effect.

Ernest Holmes wrote, “The Cosmic Ear hears everything, the Eternal Mind knows all things, and the Law of Cause and Effect brings everything to pass in due time.” This is what I call Divine Justice and nothing can stop it or delay it. Eventually, because this is a Universe of order and balance and love, everything will be known and Divine Justice will make all things right.

Does this mean we should sit back and do nothing about a particular situation that is disturbing.  I do not believe that is what we are talking about. However, there comes a time in some situations when we just have to trust that it will unfold perfectly and that when there is something that we need to do or to know, it will become evident to us and we will be called upon to do so.

This takes the terrible burden away from us of thinking that we have to figure everything out and solve problems that are not ours to solve. The best we can do at these times is, what we call, “to know the Truth.” This means to sit in quiet and declare that all is unfolding perfectly, and that the right and proper way is known already, and that all is resolved for the Highest Good of all. The Truth tells me that Divine right action is in place. I could not possibly know how the Law of Cause and Effect, that Energy field that brings everything forth, is going to find the way. I must have faith and trust. By declaring this into the Field, I have made an imprint on it for Good without getting in the way of Divine right action.

So, if you find yourself in an experience where justice seems elusive or you don’t have enough information to even make a decision or know what to do, what I invite you to do is to go within and declare that the Spirit which is Love and Harmony is the great healer and it is making itself known right now, that everything that needs to be eliminated from its path is eliminated, and that everything that needs to be embraced is embraced. When you feel that there is nothing you can do, you can always declare the Truth and allow yourself to bring your own mind to peace, a peace that allows you to surrender to the unknown with trust and faith and to know that all is well.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

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